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Heavy Haul Trucking

Heavy haul trucking plays a big role in moving machinery. Depending on what type of equipment or machinery you need moved with determine what kind of trucking will be needed. Other factors you will need to consider are what is called LTL truck loads (Less Than Truckload) and Designated Truckload.

Flat Bed TrailerFlat Bed Truck and Tailer

An LTL load means you don't have enough equipment or weight to take up the entire truck. When this happens you can get a cheaper price by sharing the truck with other customers. The downside of this is, you have to be flexible as to when the truck picks up and delivers your equipment. This can be problematic if you're trying to coordinate machinery movers/riggers to load or unload the truck. At several hundred dollars per hour, you don't want a machinery moving/rigging crew sitting around waiting for the truck to show up.

Single Drop Trailer (Step Deck)Single Drop Trailer (Step Deck)

To solve this problem you can get a designated truck. Generally speaking you need a designated or dedicated truck when your machinery will take up all the space on the trailer or the weight of your machinery puts the truck at capacity. However, as they say, time is money, and to save money you may need the truck to arrive at a specific time. With a designated truck, it's all yours. You can specify to the trucking company what time the truck needs to arrive for pickup and what time it needs to deliver. Make no mistake, you will pay more for a designated truckload, but it may be worth it.

Double Drop TrailerDouble Drop Tailer

Another reason your budget will be affected with heavy haul trucking in the type of trailer you will need. Depending on the size, shape, weight, and sensitivity of your machines and equipment. Several types of trailers are available to accommodate equipment size and one of the most common reasons for a change in trailer selection is height of the equipment. Frequently used trailer types for moving heavy machinery are Flat beds, single drop trailers, which are often called step decks, and double drop trailers. On these type of trailers your machines and equipment can be tarped to protect against water, snow, ice, and dirt.

Dry Van (logistics) TrailerDry Van (logistics) Tailer

More sensitive equipment may need to be transported in a dry van. When moving heavy machines and equipment, most times it's important that the dry van you get is also a logistics van. In a logistic van there are tracks "E-track" on each side so the riggers you hire have a way to secure the equipment for transport. Unless your machines are on large skids or in crates that won't slide around in the van, a logistics van is critical in order in insure safe transport.

Lastly, transporting sensitive equipment means you need an Air Ride trail. Many trailers have springs instead of air ride. This will also affect the price of the trailer. If the price of trucking seems to good to be true, ask and make sure the trailer is an air ride trailer... better yet, ask for it to be in writing up front and don't risk damage to your load of machines.

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Heavy Haul Trucking
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40’ tunnel oven - machinery moving


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